What is InterVarsity?

A community of students and faculty at CSM who are growing in our love for:


InterVarsity is a place to learn more about God and God’s great love for each one of us, especially shown through Jesus. Our hope is that as you get involved with InterVarsity you will meet God in a personal way.

God’s Word

We believe that the Bible is the story of God’s love and rescue of all people through Jesus. We study it together because we believe it is living and active and relevant to our lives today.

God’s People of Every Ethnicity and Culture

The Bible teaches us to love other people in the same way God loves us, and not just people who look and act like we do. InterVarsity promotes diversity and racial reconciliation and teaches students to love and value all people.

God’s Purposes in the World

We believe God is on the move on our campus and throughout the world. InterVarsity encourages students to participate in what God is doing at home and around the world through on-campus outreach and global missions opportunities.

Small Groups

A place to learn more about Jesus by studying the Bible with other students
Observe. Interpret. Apply.

We study the Bible together by taking a short passage each week and discussing it in a small group. We use the inductive method, which makes it easy for everyone to participate, whether this is your first time studying the Bible or your millionth time. All of our small groups meet in the outdoor seating area on the second floor of building 10.